ObsPyck error


I am using (trying to use !) ObsPyck under Fedora 18 with Python 2.7.3.

I have waveform in SAC format.

when I write this command:

[komec@localhost ObsPyck]$ ./obspyck.py -t 2012-06-06T07:55:00 -d 120 -f /media/disk-1/OBSPY/cut_SAC/van_dene/2011-10231041_GADA.BHE.SAC/ --nometadata
/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:122: RuntimeWarning: PyOS_InputHook is not available for interactive use of PyGTK


at the moment (as specified in the "--help") when using options "-f" and
"--dataless" filenames have to be separated by commas (no wildcards or
recursing of directories, see
https://github.com/megies/obspyck/blob/master/util.py#L335). I could /
will probably change this to support glob filename expansion at some
point, however, if necessary.