obspy-users Digest, Vol 85, Issue 2

Hi Lion

I don’t get any error but when you read sac files into a stream they are then in a (apparently) random order. Obviously they can then be sorted into the order required. It’s not a major problem but the behaviour is different and an extra line required in code.

I’m not an expert in file systems but from what I understand, under the new file system filenames are returned arranged by the hash of their filenames instead of alphabetically

For further info it might be best to contact George Helffrich (george@elsi.jp) since he fixed the problem for reading files into the sac program.



Can we please switch this dicussion to github issue tracker?

Also, there's still lack of information with what code you experience
problems. From the earlier messages it sound like "obspy.read('*')" but
that should internally order filenames alphabetically, so I have no idea
what the problem is actually.

Please open a github issue with more details, thanks.