obspy-users Digest, Vol 84, Issue 13

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the time you spent on it,a s you said I did the cross check and I foun my own mistake, I ask all Obspy group apologize.

in fact “EV2_1s_LPAZ_Z.sac” has the following information:

network: GT
station: LPAZ
location: 00
channel: BHZ
starttime: 2016-12-13T19:54:39.800000Z
endtime: 2016-12-13T19:54:41.000000Z
sampling_rate: 40.0
delta: 0.025
npts: 49
calib: 1.0
_format: SAC

So the date would be.

Just in case I attach both files in SAC format.

Thank you a lot for the support, have a nice day


EV2_1s_LPAZ_Z.sac (828 Bytes)

EV1_1s_LPAZ_Z.sac (828 Bytes)