obspy-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 9

Dear Tobias.

Tanks in advance for the time, well I typed :
obspy-runtests gse2 then the answer was...RAN 36 tests in 1.7seconds.

I think the library and everything are ok.

but again when i type

from obspy import read
from obspy.gse2 import libgse2, libgse1
import os,sys


I got the error ...

WindowsError: exception: access violation writing 0x80006F63

When I use seisan to test the file, it runs without problems.

I attached the file, is there something wrong in my way to read, or
maybe the file.

Thank you a lot for the time, best regards.


boa___00_07a.gse (18.3 KB)

Hi Tonino,

your GSE2 file uses the data type INT which was (surprisingly) not
supported - only CM6 encoded GSE2 files are currently working in the
official release. However I just fixed this in