obspy-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 16

Dear Dr. Robert Barsch.

Thanks again for the big effor.

I copy the new libgs2.py replacing the old one and when I tryed to testit.

I got the following error:

from obspy.core.util.deprecation_helpers import \
ImportError: cannot import name DynamicAttributeImportRerouteModule

Even I changed the util.py from the
C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\obspy\signal, because I compared with
the web version and there are new lines.

My obspy is the version 0.10.2.

Sorry for the disturb and thanks in advance.

Best regards.



please install the latest ObsPy version (1.0.0) and try the suggest fix
there - also please report issues directly at GitHub
(https://github.com/obspy/obspy/pull/1334 or open up a new ticket), so
we don't bother the mailing list to much ...