obspy-users Digest, Vol 60, Issue 6

Hi Wasja,

You can use SMP to generate inventory XML files: https://seismo.gempa.de/smp/

SMP is a free online tool by gempa GmbH to generate inventory files from scratch or by cloning and adjusting existing station inventories.

SMP has many features that make creating inventories easy, e.g.:

- SMP knows about many sensor characteristics and many data loggers.
- SMP can clone inventories that can later be adjusted. This helps to quickly create inventories for networks with similar stations
- backup and sharing
- clean station inventory XML file generation

SMP creates inventory files in seiscomp3 XML. If another inventory format is required, the file can be converted to dataless seed format using inv2dlsv or to fdsnxml using fdsnxml2inv with the option --to-staxml. Both conversion tools are distributed with SeisComP3.

Best regards,

Dear List,

thank you for all the comments on generating xml-files from some assumed external files using some external software.

However, in my use-case, some of the instrument information is only stored in an analogue pen and paper format, so Lions answer on how to to do this in obspy is completly fine for me. I completely appreciate this FLOSS-approach to the problem and am not willing to rely on any external software for that specific case.


Dear Obspy users

Please I need help. I want to convert a segy file to an xyz text file. I am struggling to get that done. I did try to use the program from the USGS website but I have not been successful.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Kind regards


Dear all,

I am struggling with some task in ObsPy. I want to detrend some Miniseed data and afterwards write the data into a new Miniseed file with STEIM1 or STEIM2 encoding. However, after the detrend processing (no matter which one) this is no longer possible (Error message: Wrong dtype for Stream[0].data for encoding STEIM1.) and I can only save the data with no specific encoding, which results in FLOAT64 type of encoding (I didn’t try all of the encodings manually, but e.g. INT32 and the STEIMs don’t work). Unfortunately, e.g. Seisan cannot read FLOAT64 data …

Is there a way to save processed data in STEIM formats? Or maybe another solution for my task?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Florian Fuchs


I may be wrong, but I think STEIM1/2 is for integer data, and detrending will certainly force the data into floats. I suspect another format is warranted, unless you just do the detrending and other processing in a different system (Seisan?)