obspy setup

Dear Sir,

I downloaded obspy.signal-0.6.1-win32-py2.5.exe from obspy.org web site. I tried to install it but I got the following error messages:

Could not create key


Could not set key value

Python 2.5 obspy.signal-0.6.1

Also, when I tried to setup the whole obspy package I got the following error message:

Download failed:HTTP/1.14.7 proxy Authentication Required

Accordingly, I would be grateful if you can advice on this matter.

Regards and Best Wishes,

Hi there,

are you sure you have been using the latest Windows installer? It should
install Python 2.7.
Please make sure you download the current installer using the link in
the wiki: http://obspy.org/wiki/InstallationWindows

Also, the second problem sounded like an internet connection or firewall
problem during running the installer. The installer needs a working
internet connection to download all necessary packages.

hope it helps,