Obspy section plot labels

Hi Coralie,

Perhaps there is a more streamlined method, but I approached this problem by first appending the station locations into the trace stats, then I looped over each station trace in the stream to compute the epicentral distance and then plotting the station label using plt.text:

from obspy.core import read, AttribDict

# Put station location in header
for tr in st:
    with open(sta_locs, 'r') as station_file:
        for station_line in station_file:
            if tr.stats.station == station_line.split(',')[0]:
                tr.stats.coordinates = AttribDict({
                    'latitude': float(station_line.split(',')[1]),
                    'longitude': float(station_line.split(',')[2])})

# Make basic section plot
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(14, 16))
st.plot(type='section', ev_coord=(evt_lat,evt_lon),
             dist_degree='False', offset_min=min_degree,
             offset_max=max_degree, orientation='horizontal',
             scale=0.88, alpha=0.9, fig=fig, size=(1400, 1600),

# Plot label with station name
for tr in st:
    dist = locations2degrees(evt_lat, evt_lon, tr.stats.coordinates.latitude,
    plt.text(2, dist+0.02, tr.stats.station, fontsize = 16)

Hope that helps!


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Hi Steve,

That helped me a lot. It works now!