obspy rotate components

Dear all,

I am a new user of obspy and I would like ask recomendations about a problem that I am trying to deal with,

I would like rotate my vertical, North-South and East-West components to LQT components using rotation.py, in order to do that, we created the below script with my collegue,

but we are having the followong error,

Hi Metin,

you are initializing an numpy array that contains a string with the
filename. You could try something like:

from obspy import read
st = read('2012181_DE01_21_07.BHZ')
data_z = st[0].data

Also, you should consider using high level functions (bound to Stream
instead), e.g.:

st = read('2012181_DE01_21_07.BH*')
st.rotate(method="ZNE->LQT", back_azimuth=70, inclination=160)

Also, I am not exactly sure if and how an incidence or inclination of
more than 180 degrees is defined.


Hi Tobias,

both of your suggestions worked, thanks a lot. I had little problem with the write the LQT components as a SAC file but I handled it.

the inclination number in the scripth is wrong not a realistic one you're right.

best wishes

Alinti Tobias Megies <megies@geophysik.uni-muenchen.de>