ObsPy release 0.7.x

Dear ObsPy users,

the ObsPy development team is proud to announce the new release series
0.7.x of ObsPy including a large number of new features, bug fixes and
new packages. For a full list of changes, see the CHANGELOG.TXT
contained in each single package.

All packages with new releases are uploaded to the Python Package Index
and can now be updated/installed via easy_install (easy_install -U obspy.xxx). Packages segy, sh, seisan, seishub and wav have not been changed since their last release.

Some notable new features are:

(1) obspy.core: New Catalog/Event classes with read and write support for QuakeML files

(2) obspy.iris: Now supports the IRIS Timeseries web service. Can e.g. filter the data or do an instrument correction.

(3) obspy.signal: Now has a toolbox for time-frequency misfits and a new
coincidence triggering routine.

Furthermore three new packages have been added:

(1) obspy.earthworm 0.1.0 - Earthworm Wave Server client for ObsPy
contributed by Victor Kress.

(2) obspy.datamark 0.1.0 - DataMark read support for ObsPy contributed
by Thomas Lecocq.

(3) obspy.realtime 0.1.0 - Real time support for ObsPy developed by
Anthony Lomax during NERA project under the European Community's
Seventh Framework Programme.

Another package obspy.seedlink also written by Anthony Lomax already
exists in trunk but is not polished yet - will hopefully follow soon.

Please report any bug or installation issues either to this mailing
list or preferable via the ticket system on http://www.obspy.org.

Please note:

(1) This will be the last official ObsPy release supporting Python
2.5.x. Python 2.5.x workarounds (read: hacks) will be disabled over
time and our Python 2.5.x buildbot will be disabled soon. Please consider updating your Python version!

(2) We will move our code basis to GitHub in the near future in order
to reduce the maintenance cost & time for our subversion server and to
increase the number of contributers. We will inform you on this as
soon as we start the process of relocation.

Best regards,
Robert & ObsPy development team

Dear ObsPy users,

the new ObsPy release 0.7.x is now also available via the Windows
Installer, the MacOS X application and the Debian/Ubuntu repository.

Newly supported is the most recent Ubuntu release (12.04 LTS precise

For help with installing please see the respective Installation pages in
the wiki at..


Tobias & ObsPy development team