Obspy Python Help

To whom it may concern,

I am a research student currently working on seismic data analysis from the University of Western Australia, and I am very new to python let alone Obspy and therefore would like to seek for some help on this matter.



Hi Lawrence,

I don’t have all the files so I did not run your example and cannot tell what went wrong. It would be great if you can set-up a small self-containing example with data and open an issue on github (github.com/obspy/obspy) so we can investigate the problem.

Note that you are trying to remove the response of one seismometer and adding the response of another seismometer. A valid use case but not what you want according to your description. Assuming you have miniseed and dataless SEED files (which judging from your code you have), you can do:

import obspy

st = obspy.read(“file.mseed”)

inv = obspy.read_inventory(“file.seed”)

st.remove_response(inventory=inv, …)

Please have a look at the documentation for all available parameters as they have a big influence on the final result: docs.obspy.org/packages/autogen/obspy.core.trace.Trace.remove_response.html

Also please feel free to visit our chat room () for questions as this :slight_smile: