obspy on mac brew/virtualenv


I have installed obspy on my mac 10.9 64 bits
using brew and virtualenv, pip on the last obspy version (0.9.0rc1-10-g467f4).

Everything went fine, obspy-runtest output is here (http://tests.obspy.org/11707/)
I noticed 2 skipped entries for obspy.core

But when I do:

from obspy.core import read
st = read('Data/FR.ARBF.00.HHZ.D.2013.228’)

TypeError: Unknown format for file Data/FR.ARBF.00.HHZ.D.2013.228

forcing the format doesn’t help either.

But when I call directly the mseed read :

from obspy.mseed import core
st = core.readMSEED(‘Data/FR.ARBF.00.HHZ.D.2013.228’)

All it’s ok, so libmseed was well built and linked.

Looking deeper in the code let me think that something went wrong with the plugin detection
from obspy.core.util import base
the last command return an empty set.

I got the same problem with the build of obspy 0.8.4.
Did I missed something during the installation ?

Thank for your help.


Hi again,

I am replying to myself.

In fact the problem is related to Ipython being NOT installed
in the virtualenv but rather in the system-site-packages.

If I install ipython in the same virtualenv as obspy everything is fine.

I really don’t why this would make a difference, but it does !!