obspy installation issues

I've been wrestling with various installation issues on a couple of
different platforms, the latest being CentOS.

I'm using easy_install to build obspy, and I keep getting messages like:

ERROR: C compiler not found! Retrying now without C support.
ERROR: gfortran compiler not found! Retrying now without FORTRAN support.

The confusing part is that I do have both compilers installed on the
system, in standard locations:
[mhearne@igskcicgvmcache ~]$ which gcc
[mhearne@igskcicgvmcache ~]$ which gfortran

Is there a way to tell easy_install or the obspy setup script where
my compilers are installed?



Hi Mike,

normally the installer should be able to find your compilers (esp. since
they are in default global locations). You could try to get a more
meaningful error message (the try/except in there might shadow the real
problem) by taking line 696 in setup.py (I assume you are installing
0.8.3) and remove the whole "while" block around it from 693-731 (and
shifting it to the same indent as 691).

I don't have a CentOS Box at hand right now, I could set one up if you
continue to have problems though (and nobody else can share experiences
from that distro).


Tobias - I'm attaching a build log. One of the first lines in here is:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpython2.7
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I can't find Python.h anywhere under the Enthought Canopy distribution
- is that related?


build.log (5.07 KB)

Mike, at first I was confused because I didn't think we need Python
development files for compiling ObsPy. And, indeed I think we don't --
but looking at your log, they are needed to build a dependency, namely
sqlalchemy (which we depend on for obspy.db I think).
So, yes I think your problem would be resolved by installing the Python