Obspy install


I have had to do a complete system rebuild after a virus attack. When I run the obspy tests I am not able to get a correct result. I removed all the dependencies and re-installed but I continue to get errors as follows:

Warning: invalid value encountered in sign. This is repeated many times.
Appears to come from xml.sax.saxutils.

FAIL: test_flake8 (obspy.core.tests.test_code_formatting.CodeFormattingTestCase)
Appears tied to E266, E402, and E731. The listing is quite long.

FAIL: test_Beachball (obspy.imaging.tests.test_beachball.BeachballTestCase)
Image comparison exception but I don't see an error number within this listing.

Are these errors all dependent on the flake8 program? Does anyone have an idea how to correct? The operating system is WinXP.


Hi Randy,

both issues are related with newer flake8/pep8 and matplotlib versions. They are fixed in the latest ObsPy master and thus will be in the next ObsPy version. You can savely ignore them for now.