obspy for (local) shear-wave splitting

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I am not aware of Shear Wave Splitting measurement software using Obspy (but something may exist) but note that we have put online a new version of SplitLab (that works in Matlab) under Github, that includes corrections / evolutions mostly from J.-R. Scholz (IPGP - La Réunion) and M. Bonnin (Univ. Nantes). I am not sure it could be easily used for automatically measure thousands of splitting from local events but it could be definitively adapted for such purpose as proposed by Andreas Wuestefeld few years ago?
Wuestefeld, A., Al-Harrasi, O., Verdon, J.P., Wookey, J. and Kendall, J.M., 2010. A strategy for automated analysis of passive microseismic data to image seismic anisotropy and fracture characteristics. Geophysical prospecting, 58(5): 755-773, doi:10.1111/j.1365-2478.2010.00891.x.


By the way, note that we also maintain a SKS splitting database which is completely opened to the community.
There are now more than 16 000 SKS splitting measurements and more than 250 reference papers in this database.
You can download and search data in the SKS database at
http://splitting.gm.univ-montp2.fr/ under the “Splitting database” link
or at the IRIS web site (updated daily)

Do not hesitate to mention missing or erroneous data.

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I just would like to add to the previous email that there are considerations to improve/translate the code (preferably to python/Obspy), however, plans have not really advanced in that regard.

Perhaps, together with some of the Obspy crew, one could consider such project. There’s also a splitting code by Georg Rümpker (I think also Matlab), I’m not aware if it works for local phases.

We are open for ideas.



Splitlab seems to be a really great tool, I intend to do some shear wave splitting analysis in a near future, so opening a github project on translating Splitlab and using obspy classes and methods would be great. I would be in.



for those of you interested in SWS analysis using large data sets from international archives such as IRIS, RECIFE, GEOFON etc. you may want to try SplitRacer

(sorry only Matlab at the moment; Linux and Windows versions; see the User Guide if you want to analyse your own data).

The code is described in a recent paper:

A similar code for local events is currently under development.

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