obspy custom module

hi all,

some time ago, here at INGV Milano, we developed a custom obspy module for reading/writing our own ascii files ditributed through the ITACA website (http://itaca.mi.ingv.it/). the module (attached to this message) supports both read and write operations for our newer format (called "DYNA") and has a backwards read-only compatibility for older ITACA formats (not distributed anymore).

the module installs and runs fine until obspy 0.8.4, just cd'ing to the module source code top directory and running

# python setup.py install

as of latest obspy (ver. 0.9.0) we cannot correctly install it anymore using the old setup.py procedure...

can someone help us figure out the correct way to hook/install our module in the latest obspy?

thank you,
Emiliano Russo

we are planning to realease this module, and hopefully include it in official obspy releases,
but we are currently defining some (we hope the last ones!) changes to the DYNA format (DYNA format specifications are currently in draft stage).

obspy-dyna.zip (769 KB)

Hi Emiliano,

it would probably help to see the error output in order to understand what exactly the error could be.

But looking at the setup.py script, just a first guess. I am wondering if this line is really correct:

  INSTALL_REQUIRES = ['obspy.core'] # +numpy!?

This looks to me it was written for version obspy < 0.8, where obspy was separated into multiple packages. Are you sure you installed it against obspy 0.8.4?



Petr is right in that this appear to be designed to be installed for ObsPy 0.7.x and not the single module structure in ObsPy >= 0.8.x.

I fixed your module - you can find a version that works with ObsPy 0.9 in the attachments. In the course of doing this I renamed the module to obspy_dyna. It is no longer a submodule but a separate module that hooks into ObsPy's plug-in structure. The reason for this is that I am not sure how compatible a name with "obspy.*" is with our single module structure and I wanted to avoid any complications.

Once the extra module is installed ObsPy will be aware of it and obspy.read() and consorts work as expected.

Send us a pull request once this is ready for mainline ObsPy!



obspy_dyna.zip (97.7 KB)

Ciao Emiliano,

oggi mi e' capitato di aver da fare con il formato dyna, o più preciso con il script `dyna-convert.py'. Visto che ho seguito vagamente il thread sotto, mi ricordavo vagamente che ci dovrebbe essere anche un vero e proprio modulo per obspy.

Per una applicazione pensiamo che il modulo potrebbe più adatto per la sua funzionalità e il controllo sui vari parametri del header. Quindi, ti volevo chiedere se o dove si potrebbe trovare/scaricare il modulo. Con un ricerca veloci non avevo risultati veloci.

Grazie per l'info!