Obspy based Station XML validator ?

Dear Obspy community,

We have the need to come up some Station XML verification tool, to help testing the correctness of provided metadata file (Station XML or converted dataless). This is not about the formal verification against the XML scheme, but rather about correctness and completeness, plausibility, consistence.

My idea would be to have a suite of independent tests, so that it is easy to customise or to disable test when needed. And I’d like to base it on Obspy, in order to exploit its already existing functionalities. As this is probably a quite common need, I am wondering if someone has already ventured into a similar direction?

Asking Uncle Google, I came across the following project:

* https://github.com/iris-edu/StationXML-Validator/wiki

The concept seems quite similar to what I had in mind, but it is written in Java. I would had a strong preference for Python/Obspy, as this would be much easier to integrate with some other tools.

So if you are aware of anything Python/Obspy based, please let me know!


Petr et. al.,


I too have a need for such utility, and willing to contribute.

I have a stationXML creator/editor in alpha, which I will soon be implementing validation.

I'm thinking I would like an API that can validate from the file, or entire XML/inventory, down to individual fields, with intermediate such as chan and sta level.

Note: many fields validate in some way based on their inventory type.



Hi Peter

I were in contact with Chad Trabant at IRIS a while ago (quite some actually) and got the word that IRIS are working on pdcc to handle the StationXML format as well, perhaps this will also include a decent validator (with the specifications you mention). I had something similar in mind and had started implementing it using obspy, but put that project on ice given this information.

Sorry to say I do not remeber the name of the person in charge of this work and I am currently traveling though hence do not have access to our mail conversation, but perhaps drop Chad a line and ask whom to ask for an update on the project and if it fits your needs.