Obspy and related libraries on new Macbook M1

Hi all,

For my PhD ( in glacier Seismology) I am getting a new laptop to work with. The preference was a Macbook pro with Intel chip. However, Apple just pulled all orders on macbooks with intel chip so now the option is: a Macbook pro with M1 chip or switch to a windows/linux setup on an lenovo thinkpad for example. My preference really is a macbook. But from what I have heard the M1 chip is not compatible with a lot of python libraries yet. I mainly use obspy and related libraries. Does anyone have any experience with this and with working with python and obspy on these M1 macbooks??
Thank you in advance!!

Cheers, Ana

Hi @Ananas

No worries, python and obspy will run just fine, even if some packages don’t offer platform-specific builds for the M1 chip yet. You only need to start the terminal, in which you want to run the python process with Rosetta 2, and everything will work as usual. I’ve been using a Mac Mini with the M1 chip for several months now and never had any issues.