ObsPy 1.1.0

Dear ObsPy Community,

no major release for quite some time... but the time has come:

print("Hello world, ObsPy %s!� % obspy.__version__)

Hello world, ObsPy 1.1.0!

It took more than 20 months to get to a new major release done (which is
quite embarrassing), but after pushing hard for several weeks to
finalize it, we have version 1.1.0 to show for it.

37 people have directly contributed commits to this release (and even
more reported bugs/problems or sent code snippets for inclusion into the
Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed! This would not be possible
without you!

The release summary and detailed changelog can be found on the 'What's
new in ObsPy 1.1?' page (please read it before updating):


This release includes quite a few major additions (and several bug
fixes), most notably:

- read_inventory() support for SEED and RESP

   (dataless) SEED and RESP can now be read to Inventory objects using
   read_inventory(), which means that those metadata can be used in any
   ObsPy routine working with Inventory objects. Additionally conversion
   of these legacy formats to StationXML is now possible within ObsPy.

- NRL client

   ObsPy now has a client to access IRIS' Nominal Response Library (NRL)
   that returns Response objects for given combinations of Sensors and
   Dataloggers. A few lines of code are now enough to programmatically
   create full station metadata including response information and
   saving it to for example StationXML.

- FDSN web services routed clients

   This release adds support for both IRIS' federator and EIDA routing
   web service, which are capable of fetching data for a specific
   request across all FDSNWS nodes using a single line of ObsPy code.

- New data formats

   As always, new releases mean new file formats being supported..
      This time we could add read support for GCF, REFTEK, NNSA and
      write support for AH format.
   Event data:
      Read+write support for Seiscomp SC3ML, Nordic s-file and SCARDEC
      format were added, and also read support for IASPEI ISM and GSE
      2.0 bulletin formats.
   Station data:
      Reading full/dataless SEED and RESP into Inventory objects is now
      possible, allowing full interaction with these metadata in across
      all of ObsPy. Furthermore, read support for ArcLink InventoryXML
      and write support for the stationtxt format has been added.

Finally, one word of warning:

If you have seen warnings like this..

Function 'obspy.readEvents' is deprecated and will stop working with the
next ObsPy version.
Please use 'obspy.read_events' instead.

  ..but did not act on them yet, now is the time to do it. Otherwise
code that shows these warnings on ObsPy 1.0.x will raise exceptions
after updating to ObsPy 1.1.0.
These warnings happen because we did some utterly necessary cleanup in
the code base to ease development and keep maintenance overheads low.
These cleanup changes where made years ago, and now finally it is time
to remove painful workarounds for backwards compatibility.

Again, for all the nitty and gritty details, please see the release
summary and detailed changelog:


We once again support almost every widely used and relevant OS with
binary distributions and all supported Python versions out there (2.7,
3.4, 3.5 and 3.6).

Packages are already available for many distribution channels or will be
soon. For the first time we also have binary wheel distributions for OSX
and Linux (we had them for Windows for a while) - thus `pip install
obspy` should now work without a compiler on all major platforms.

Already available are: Source + binary on pypi, all major platforms for
conda via conda-forge, RMPs for Fedora and CentOS/EL, and Debian/Ubuntu

Follow us on twitter @obspy for up-to-date news!

All the best and enjoy the new release!

The ObsPy Development Team