ObsPy 1.0.0

Dear Users!

The time has come: The promised and long awaited version 1.0.0 of ObsPy
has been unleashed. We poured our heart in this release and 21 people
contributed code to it - thanks a bunch everyone!

It greatly enhances the stability and maturity of ObsPy and puts it in a
solid position to meet future challenges. We also added a ton of bug
fixes and generic improvements all across the code base. Nonetheless it
also contains new features and capabilities.

We once again support almost every widely used and relevant OS out there
no smartphones and tablets, sorry :wink: - and it will work with Python
2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5.

New features include, but are naturally not limited to: A new internal
structure, a couple new data formats (K-Net & KiK-net strong motion
data, CMTSOLUTION files, ESRI shapefiles, Google Earth KML, StationTXT,
NIED moment tensors, and SeisComP3 inventory files), clients for
SDS-like filesystem structures and the IRIS Syngine service, major
improvements to the PPSD class, signal processing improvements (much
more stable Butterworth filters, Sinc based/lanczos
reconstruction/interpolation filters, higher order detrending methods,
...), a better and faster tau-p implementation now also with geographic
methods, a new default colormap, a downloader to download data from any
number of FDSN web services at once, fancy new event radiation pattern
plots, a rewritten SAC module granting increased control over the exact
layout of SAC files, and much more.

Please read this page for additional detail, upgrade instructions, and
things you need to know to make sure your own codes continue to work
with future ObsPy version:


Packages are already available for many distribution channels or will be
soon. Follow us on twitter @obspy for up-to-date news!

All the best and enjoy!

The ObsPy Development Team

congratulations and thanks to all ObsPy developers!!!!!