obspy 0.9.1

Hey all

why 0.9.1 is not realeased as eggs ? forgotten or on purpose ?



Hi Thom,

we didn't get around to, initially. Also we want to do 0.9.2 in maybe a
week or two, so we won't bother to put any more work into properly
releasing 0.9.1.


Hi Tobias,

I just step into issue #727 (WADL), on a 0.9.0 release installation. I have seen this issue was solved some time ago, including the 0.9.1 tag. But I am wondering what is actually missing to get 0.9.2 out or if it is worth bothering with a 0.9.1 installation. Any clues?

BTW: Could we move the manages out of `debian` on release branch (I know, strictly this is a bug-fix?) What would be the right place to put these? `docs/man?`? documentation is usually not included in the released tarball, so I am no sure.