ObsPy 0.10.1 has been released!

Dear ObsPy Users,

After over 2200 commits from 25 contributors ObsPy 0.10.1 is finished
and has been released.

The key new features are support for Python 3, a slew of new file
formats, and a new TauP implementation. A detailed list of changes
with much more information can be found here:

Full changelog: https://github.com/obspy/obspy/releases/tag/0.10.1

The new release is up on PyPi. The Windows binaries, and the
Debian/Ubuntu packages will be updated as they become available. Newly
provided for this release are Anaconda packages for all platforms, and
packages for Fedora/CentOS.

Installation guides for various platforms can be found in the wiki:

Please note that ObsPy 0.10.1 fixes some installation issues with
ObsPy 0.10.0 thus ObsPy 0.10.0 is not a recommended release.

All the best and let us know if you experience any problems,

The ObsPy Development Team