Noise before P-onset in iterative deconvolution

Hi all,
for some receiver function techniques (e.g waterlevel), the noise ahead the P-onset can be used to estimate the reliability of the peaks at 0+ seconds.
Do you know, how the iterative deconvolution is working and if it is reliable to calculate the RFs like from 20s ahead the P-onset? I wonder if for the iterative deconvolution is really showing the noise, or if the peaks ahead 0s are artefacts and actually ‘later arrivals’, which are placed ahead 0s.

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Hi Thea,

I did not really use iterative deconvolution extensively. Check out the references given in the doc string for a description of the method.
I’d say it is OK to use the signal before the P-onset as noise estimate. If you are afraid of wrap-around effects you can append some zeros to the signal before applying the deconvolution.


Hi Tom,

thanks for your advices.