"NIEP" FDSN client not working with ObsPy1.2.2 but working with ObsPy1.2.1


I am trying to access the “NIEP” provider using the FDSN client in ObsPy 1.2.2. and when I try to run the code on a Linux machine I get the following error:

However, when I try the code on a different machine (OS X) with ObsPy 1.2.1 it runs successfully

Can you help me with the problem?


Kia Ora Bogdan, I just tried this on my Ubuntu machine with obspy 1.2.2 with no error. This can happen due to network errors and I think the difference you see between your two systems is more likely to be related to network/firewall issues than the change in obspy version.

I will check this. Thank you.


Same problem as in this thread: ValueError: The current client does not have a dataselect service.
It should actually not happen as much in 1.2.2 due to this change.

If this happens for more people, we might want to think about trying multiple times to discover services, maybe…