new FDSN WS-EVENT available on the SeismicPortal

Dear obspy users,

I am very happy to inform you that the new version of the seismic portal is now online,

I really encourage you to visit it test, hunt possible bugs and send your feedback to me

This work has been carried out under NERA and VERCE projects and I hope you will find it useful.

It now offers interoperable webservices (OGC compliant) and based on opensource software (no more google maps for example).

What is new? Well basically everything!

• New Web interface

• Find, view, filter and select your events and download your selection as : Quakeml, Json and text format as well as a direct upload to your Verce Portal Account (currently into your “control panel/Document and Media”)

• New Web Services :

  • WMS : OGC Web Map Services to deliver our events on map

  • FDSN WS-EVENT compliant : to deliver parametric event informations (in Quakeml 1.2, GeoJson and Text format), including multi-origin and arrivals

  • Standing order for (near) Realtime Notification of new, updated and removed event (using WebSocket)

  • Flynn enghdall Web services