Miniseed header byte-order flag -- incompatibility with GIPPTOOLS software


I looked at the two files provided by Tom and they are both fine. One
file is a little bit unusual in that it places the blockette #1001
before the blockette #1000. However, that is perfectly fine by the
official miniSEED standard.

The reason, why it was not working is that the GIPPtools code contained
two minor bugs that in combination with the unusual miniSEED file
resulted in a miss-location of the required blockette #1000. The
GIPPtool utilities would then try to determine the byte-order flag from
some random location inside the miniSEED record, which ended in the
dubious (and illegal) value of '39'.

I fixed the bugs already but it needs some more testing before the next
official GIPPtools release.

@Lion: Thanks for the "blockette #100" file, I will look at it next week
in more detail.

Have a nice weekend


Hi Christof,

good to hear! FYI and because it might be useful for you: We have a fairly large collection of “obscure” MiniSEED files that we encountered over the years:

To understand what the issue with most files is you’ll probably have to read the test code. Most of it should be here:

All the best,


Hello Lion,

thanks for the links. I will have a look and do some testing over the
next weeks. Hopefully there are not to many surprises with the GIPPtools.

Cheers Christof