MacOSX, Python 2.6 & scipy.signal issue ...

Hi ObsPy users,

I have a question which is slightly off-topic, but still ObsPy relevant.

I am trying to trace down some problem with scipy.signal on Python 2.6 (more precisely 2.6.8). There are actually no reports from Darwin & Python 2.6.x on So I am wondering if anybody was able to properly install and run ObsPy using Python 2.6 on a Mac?

I was always convinced it would work, but maybe never checked the details. Actually, the problem is non Obspy itself but an important dependency, i.e. scipy.signal. It would build, but fails on runtime when importing.

So are there successful users of Mac OSX, Python 2.6 and ObsPy out there?

[and sorry if you thing this post in inappropriate]