when I try to import locations2degrees as described in the ObsPy Documentation (from obspy.core.util import locations2degrees) I get an Import error (ImportError: cannot import name locations2degrees). I can use the version from obspy.taup.taup but in the Docs it's said to be deprecated...

I am using the newest version on Ubuntu Lucid.

Thanks for your help or explanation,

Dear Johannes,

I haven't got an Ubuntu box handy to check but I suspect the version you are using is not based on the version of obspy used to generate the obspy documentation. The deprecated version of obspy.taup.taup.locations2degrees is the one in the trunk of the repository. Versions prior to that, up to obspy.taup 0.5.1 are not deprecated and obspy.core.util, up to version 0.6.2, does not include locations2degrees.

I'd stick to from obspy.taup.taup import locations2degress for the moment.

Best regards,