libtau.f easy_install gcc 4,1.2


First: this is not a general issue, but specific to a certain machine I'd like to run obspy.

I installed obspy using PyPi/easy_install as described in the wiki (install log attached).
In the taup module I get the following error:

obspy.log (23.4 KB)

Hey Christian,

if I interpret your problem correctly this is a known issue. The Problem is that the iaspei-tau uses traveltime tables that are converted to some binary representation it can read. This seems to be machine dependent and thus does not work for some gfortran versions… Right now ObsPy just ships the binary travel time tables which have been generated on some machine and it works for almost all gfortran versions. I guess we should try to generate the tables in the script.

You can find part of the discussion here:

So to fix it you have to generate new table files. Quicker to write down than to explain.

wget "[]("
tar -xzf iaspei-tau.tgz
cd iaspei-tau
# Edit the build_packages file to use your compiler!
cd tables

and then overwrite the files in obspy/obspy/taup/tables with the generated new table files. The folder should be somewhere in your site-packages.

Sorry for the complications - we should really fix this. Let me know if this works for you or if your problem has a different cause.



Bulls eye, that was the easy fix I was hoping for. works!

Thanks a lot,