`kind` args not working when plotting events from quakeml files?

Hello, I created this as a new issue also on github, but after seeing this discourse site maybe that was the wrong place to post it?

Obspy version 1.2.2
Python version 3.6 (also tried on 3.7)

I downloaded THIS quakeml file from the USGS, in an attempt to make plots similar to the maps and radiation pattern plots HERE. However, even when I explicitly write a beachball or p_sphere plot it will only plot the same projected map. How can I get similar plots to the one in the example of the obspy documentation linked above? Thanks!

from obspy import read_events


Will show this projection and not local:

Additionally, when I attempt to explicitly plot the beachball and radiation patterns it will show only show the same plot:

qml.plot(kind=[['ortho', 'beachball'], ['p_sphere', 's_sphere']])

I get similar results when I read the generic quakeml file from obspy with:

test.plot(kind=[['ortho', 'beachball'], ['p_sphere', 's_sphere']])


The kind parameter is defined for the plot method of a single event. You are trying to use it for a whole catalog, which is not (yet?) supported.

Try qml[0].plot(...).

Probably Catalog.plot should throw an error in your case.

That was easy! Of all the things I didn’t try…

Thank you!