Is window length and overlapping is available is PPSD function?

Is it possible to include window length and overlapping in PPSD function?


Dear all,

I am wondering how to extract the time of each PSD using PPSD.

I get PSD value for each segment and the period limits and center period using extract_psd_values(self, period):

However, how can I get the corresponding time of each PSD segment. If I use all the record it is quite easy to guess the corresponding time, but in case I am not filling the gaps, and therefore, the number of segments is not the default one, I do not know the time that corresponds to each PSD segment.

Any idea is welcome.
Thanks in advance.


You can access to the internals; either look at the PPSD.plot() method in the obspy code , or check how we did here:

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Hi Beatriz,

as mentioned in the documentation for PPSD.extract_psd_values() you can
access ppsd.times_processed to look up the start times of each PSD
segment. The ordering is the same. The full PSD segments can be accessed
via PPSD.psd_values as well, if you are not looking for one specific


Thank you Tobias.

I feel a bit embarrassed, I skip this command (ppsd.times_processed) when reading the information.