Inventory select multiple keyweords

I have a question to expand on this archived post:

Is there a way to select an inventory based on multiple station codes? E.g.,

tmp =[“BRSP”,“TDH”,“HOOD”])

Related question: Why does appending inventories always add a new network even if the selected inventories already exist. E.g.,

tmp =“BRSP”) # CC network
tmp +=“HOOD”) # UW network
tmp +=“TDH”) # UW network

returns an inventory with 3 networks, each with 1 station.

Currently not, I’m afraid.

Short version:
Currently you have to merge manually yourself, if you are sure these network objects are identical.

Long story:
The problem is that people may think of “it’s the same network” as simply “network code is identical”. But the Network object has plenty of more information on it that makes is not identical like start/end times, description, even comment objects. If we were to just merge together without looking at all these details, we might inadvertently alter the actual information.
Basically this is just the easiest way to do it with being absolutely sure that the stored information is not changed.

That being said, we could absolutely do better here and in your scenario it very likely is the case that these duplicated network objects come from the same origin object, and so are identical in all details and could be merged. It’s just nobody has come forward and put the work in to make such a “merge” functionality