Identifying continuously-recording stations in metadata

I am trying to identify which stations within the NCEDC network are continuously recording ground motion, and which record only intermittently. Is there a way to do this without accessing the waveform data?

For example, the station NC.J032 appears to record intermittently, as there was only 1 trace lasting about 3 minutes between 2023-01-01 and 2023-01-31. Is there some way I can figure this out using station metadata only?

In principle there is the matchtimeseries parameter to FDSN WS-station, but it depends on the data center if (it’s an optional parameter), how and how well this is implemented.

Then there ycould be the availability WS, example from IRIS but no idea if that exists at NCEDC.

Lastly, it might be easiest to get in touch with NCEDC staff to be honest.

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