How to save 'SEED' file to 'SEED'?

How to save ‘SEED’ file to ‘SEED’?

I am inserting the coordinates information into each SEED files.
but these ‘latitude, longitude’ information will disappear except AttribDic[“Coordinates”].
So I think I have to save these info to each SEED files.
but I just find the mudule ‘trace.write’. this module needs to put in format
but The SEED format is not accepted. If I put in the format as mseed, after reading
there is no trace.stats info.

What should I do?


MiniSEED doesn¡¯t support latitude or longitude information. You¡¯ll have to use a different format, like SAC.



as Jon stated MiniSEED is waveform data-only, then you can have DatalessSEED which is station metadata only and finally you can also have Full SEED which has both waveforms and metadata..

but: In general you want to store waveforms and metadata separate. So using MiniSEED for waveforms and then something else with metadata only is the way to go in general.

Furthermore, I would recommend working with StationXML which is the current standard for station metadata. If you are building your metadata from scratch, have a look at:

Otherwise, just store what you get from the data providers (e.g. StationXML fetched via FDSN Web Service)