How to remove Instrument Responses for (1) a GSE2 resp file and (2) an amplitude/phase values list?

Moin Tobias,

thanks for your suggestions!
I have finally found a bit of time to play with this, focusing on the first
alternative (see below). However, I am still not able to set up the
instrument correction for two reasons:

I am fine with setting up a list of ResponseListElements "lo_rle" and from
this creating a ResponseListResponseStage:

Dear all;
Does anybody knows what happened to obspy.core.trace.Trace.slide ? When I try to use it I get the error Trace object has no attribute slide …

Thank you for your response;


make sure you are using ObsPy >= 1.0. Older versions did not have this yet.

$ python -c "import obspy; print(obspy.__version__)"

Otherwise update your installation.