How to remove Instrument Responses for (1) a GSE2 resp file and (2) an amplitude/phase values list?

Hi Tobias, Lion and others!

After having been absent for quite a while, I have tried to browse through the archive to check if there had been a thread on this, but I could not find any, so I’d like to raise the following questions (using ObsPy version 1.0.1) and I’d be happy if someone can help me out.

After years of playing around with synthetics and non-seismological data, I am currently working on real world seismometers…so I have to correct the raw data collected with two different instruments for the respective responses - however, I struggle in both cases.

In the first case I have a classical table from the instrument calibration with values for
“frequency”, “amplitude (in V/m/s)”, “phase angle”

together with the recorder scaling value of X counts/(V/m/s).

Is there perhaps any function within ObsPy to carry out the correction from this directly or to fit a complex valued function in order to obtain a “Poles/Zeros/Gain” set?

In the other case I have given GSE2 calibration files that I also use in SEISAN. With these I run into the following error

Hi Lars,

1) In principle it should be possible and simple to put together an
Inventory from scratch (that you could then also output to StationXML
for storing and reusing)..
putting together a Response element with a single stage of type
ResponseListResponseStage (from a list of ResponseListElement). Never
tried that before personally though..

2) CAL2 never was implemented, it seems it's more a full response
definition format rather than a simple PAZ. In any case, in our old PAZ
dictionary approach (used with Stream.simulate), key "sensitivity" is
the overall sensitivity and key "gain" is the A0 normalization factor.
If you put something together, obviously it would be good if you open a
pull request with it (even if it's only half-ready or experimental, at
least the work is not lost to the world if you push it online).