How to get same resource_id for each event of a catalog when loading multiple times?

How to get the same resource_id for each event of a catalog when loading it multiple times? I need to compare the results of several relocations with the initial catalog in cases each time different number of events fails to relocate so the length of the final catalogs do not remain constant. In this regard, I need to extract only common events to compare. It seems the only reliable parameters would be the event resource_id, but the problem is that everytime I try to load the iitial catalog, events come with different resource_id. Does it be possible to load a catalog multiple time with the same resource_id for each event?

The usual way would be to save all different (re)locations for one unique event together in one file. One event in obspy and in QuakeML can have multiple origins associated to it. Then everything is together side-by-side anyway.

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Dear @megies
Thanks for your suggestion, but in case such as doing relocation using HypoDD, it needs cluster of events to be relocated together, so I don’t have control on each event separately. The final output consist of events which is usually a percentage of initial catalog. To do comparison, again i need unique event ids from the initial catalog.

Do you have to write the original events in some special input format for hypodd? IIRC hypodd uses event numbering internally? Can you keep a mapping of the original resource ID and the hypodd internal numbering?