how to detect signal clipping

Dear All

anybody knows how to detect signal clipping in a seismic record? just
to alarm if exist no need to measure clipping.


there are some solutions.
sensor or station (sensor + digitiser) clipping? if sensor, acceleration or velocity sensor?

Dear Saeed:

Here are some notes I made about clipping associated with a M7.1 earthquake in Alaska:

In our case, clipping occurs when the raw counts exceeds 2^(N-1), where the digitizer has N bits. The GSN stations in Alaska use 26-bit digitizers, while the rest are 24-bit.

Experts in seismometry would know more on this topic.


P.S. I don’t know what you meant by this: “just to alarm if exist no need to measure clipping.”

Dear Saeed

The clipping means the same amplitude at respective points (or samples). Very easily we may examine the maximum and minimums and find if the maximums or minimums have been repeated in respective samples or not.