How do I update my Obspy?

I must apologise, but because of many competing priorities, I was taken away from this project, and any replies must have been lost . I have searched my inbox but have not found any reply that seems to answer this.
I have updated my Python code that writes SAC files because it was blowing up when I attempted to run it on systems running 0.10.2, and now that it runs on computers that utilize the latest Obspy, it now blows up on the version 0.9.2 with a typeerror. So, I must conclude that the latest SAC module is incompatable with code written for earlier modules.

Therefore I need to upgrade. Unfortunately however, my efforts to do so have all failed. I’ve tried to use the Anaconda “conda install -c obspy obspy” but to no avail.

How do we upgrade existing systems that run on 64-bit WIndows 7 computers? I do not know that the usual channels are - Thought I had used pip install, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore either?

Man, this is just like at home, when I search everywhere for my hammer, then in frustration to to the hardware store to buy a new hammer. I drive up into the driveway, reach in the backseat for the new hammer, and find the old hammer has just slid out from under the seat.

Never mind.

“Easy_Install -U obspy” did the job.

Now my SAC files are creating just fine with the updated Obspy.

TWO MINUTES after sending that previous message.