How do I add stations (and networks) to the inventory?

Good morning,
I am working on a calibration methodology for some independent seismic stations and I would like to apply the instrument response to the seismic data. How do I create a station calibration that could be applied to the station data? I can work with the data in SAC or Miniseed; The data is in counts that represent velocity, and I want to translate the waveforms into ground displacement.
I have not yet found a method within the documentation on how to go about this. Looking at the station inventory, I need to figure out how to create the station information and then add the scale, poles, and zeros, along with the ADC gain in order to translate counts to V/m/sec and ultimately ground motion. I’m just not seeing it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

-D Burk
Michigan State University


well it would be certainly possible to manually create a full inventory object including all response information but that is quite some work and rather error prone.

If possible I suggest you use PDCC to create a SEED file and then the IRIS SEED 2 StationXML converter to get a StationXML file which you can then just read with ObsPy.

Cheers! Lion