helicorder plots

Dear All,
I want to plot helicorders at same low amplitudes but I need to clip large amplitude signals.
So I don't want large signals to overshoot on other lines.
"vertical_scaling_range" allows overshooting.

schan12.plot(equal_scale = True,type='dayplot',outfile=ficName,format='png',interval=30,methode='fast',\
                              size=(1920,1080),right_vertical_labels=False, one_tick_per_line=True,\
                              events=trigger_list, title="helicorder", vertical_scaling_range=1000)

Is there another solution that I've missed to achieve that?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Jean-Michel,

no idea if it's included in the day plot somewhere, but you can always
simply tweak the input signals beforehand (just need to figure out where
to clip with your dayplot settings)..

import numpy as np
max_ampl = ...
for tr in st:
    np.clip(tr.data, -max_ampl, max_ampl, tr.data)

hope it helps,