GSE2 - Mismatching checksums

Dear collegues!

I received a bunch of GSE2 files, each of them for one earthquake event, containing several traces.

I wrote an obspy script to convert each trace to mseed format (read gse2 into a stream and write each trace to mseed).

The following warning appears when reading the files:

"Checksum differs only in absolute value. If this file " + \

"was written with ObsPy GSE2, this is due to a bug in " + \

"the routine (resolved with [3431]), " + \

“and thus this message can be safely ignored.”

But reading works fine in this case.

Some of the GSE2 files cannot be read by Obspy at all. I receive the following error (example):

ChksumError: Mismatching checksums, CHK -7224649 != CHK 231752008

Does anyone know more about this error and if there is a way to force Obspy to read those files into a a stream object?

Thank you and best regards

Franz Reiter

PhD student

University of Innsbruck

Institute for Geology

Dear Franz,

you can ignore the warning if your GSE2 files were written with a very
old ObsPy version. The files with checksum mismatches seem to be broken.
However the GSE2 checksum is known to have issues - some GSE exporting
programs wrote for years wrong checksum values. That is the reason ObsPy
also offers a very handy verify_chksum parameter for the read function,
see link below for more information.