GMPE Estimation

Is there a way to estimate the ground motion prediction equation using Obspy or Python?
I have PGA parameter (Peak ground acceleration, distance, and magnitude) and also I have SA parameters (Peak ground acceleration, frequency, and magnitude).
If not, is there any idea how can I calculate the GMPE?

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There is no in-house solution. I’d recommend using statsmodels to fit your GMPE model to the data.

Dear @kozan88,
You must do your own scripts to obtain the parameters you mentioned.
If you have your response files (Dataless, XML…) you can obtain the PGA or PGV (if I am not wrong), then maybe you can review this webpage that I use to do some GPME computations " David M. Boore Online Software"
Good luck.

Thank you @gonzalo_antonio_fern !
I already have my own script to retrieve the PGA and SA.
Does this software work on both of these?
Can I get your email? I would be thankful for that.

Thank you for your reply!

@kozan88 , ok
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