getwaveform not finding any streams


i am trying to get waveforms from earthworm; i am using the following:

stream = client.getWaveform(nw, estacion[1], ‘’, estacion[3], oneMinAgo, now)

but no streams are ever found even if i change the station or channel or time span. is there any way to debug earthworm to figure out if there is any streams at all? might i be missing a library?

when i try client.availability it always gives me correct data about the stations that are up an running.



Hi Alejandro,

The Earthworm module to test if there are any stations available and their timespan's is getmenu. You will
need to grab a copy of EW to run that command against the wave server you are querying.

getmenu IP:PORT

Is how it is run, with IP replaced with the IP address of the WS and PORT with the port #.



Alejandro López wrote: