getting phase arrival picks data

When I choose waveforms for download on the wilber3 interface on iris, I see phase arrival picks already drawn on the waveforms (see attachment):


When I read the files in with, the phase arrival picks are not there. Any idea how to retrieve them?

I assume you download MiniSEED data from IRIS? MiniSEED has no
event/station metadata attached to it. You need to use some event
metadata request service for that. You could have a look at the following:

- obspy.iris.client.Client.getEvents (will be replaced by obspy.fdsn)
- obspy.fdsn.client.Client.get_events (only in master right now, not in
- obspy.neries.client.Client.getEvents

Although, usually not all (or rather few?) events get provided with
arrival time data, I think. But other people might be able to comment
more on this.


actually I downloaded the data in sac format which I thought had picks data or at least first arrival (A). for some reason A and T0-9 are set to -12345.