get_response neglecting station start/enddate in Inventory

Dear ObsPy team,

I noticed a strange behaviour of get_response (used to generate response for PPSD):

  • I’ve created an inventory that includes several placement of the same instrument. Therefore, the Station Code remains unchanged; due to ease installation we did not change the Location code.

o Seed-ID is XX.FBE1…HH[Z,N,E]

o 3 Placements, therefore 3 different station sections in the stationxml, each with a designated starttime and endtime. The time windows do not overlap.

  • When I read the stationxml and check with inv.get_channel_metadata things are fine and I receive a single response for a given date

o inv.get_channel_metadata(“XX.FBE1…HHZ”,UTCDateTime(“2019-02-06T00:00:00”)

  • However get_response gives me a User Warning: Found more than one matching response

o inv.get_response(“XX.FBE1…HHZ”,UTCDateTime(“2019-02-06T00:00:00”)

It appears as if get_response is neglecting the station startdate / station enddate in the inventory.

Attached is the stationxml.

Thanks a lot.


station_FBE1.xml (306 KB)

Hi Steffen,

start/end dates are set on the stations but not on the channels, they thus have all open start/end dates.
I am unsure what the official FDSN take on this situation would be but I guess get_response() is only taking into account the channel epoch times, even if the station epoch doesn't fit.
There is room for discussion what the best way to handle such situations would be, I guess..