Gcf files conversion to ascii

Hi there. I am trying to convert some binary .gcf format files to ascii. I am using the read command to read a .gcf file. However the problem is that the y-axis is not in a logical acceleration/velocity/displacement units. My proffesor told me that the values on the y-axis are counts and not physical units. So he gave me a conversion factor for each station (acceleration response and voltage per count) to convert the counts. Then i found out that, the data of one of the traces that i read (before i convert the counts) have the format:
[-15833. -15839. -15839. …, -15826. -15836. -15836.]
and another trace has data with format:
[ 0 3 -1 …, 0 2 -3]

Are both of them counts ? Do i need to convert both of these data arrays ? Also how can i see the units of trace data?
It is based on my master so i really need some help!!!

From my limited knowledge of gcf files they contain multiple channels (eg HHZ HHE HHN …). You will have to remove the instrumental response from each channel with a different factor. In general, if your responses are in a correct format you can apply remove_response function to the stream:

In this way your data will become a physical unit.