Gauss Parameter on Water Level Deconvolution

Dear all,

Let me ask about the Gaussian parameter on the water-level method. How is the relationship between the gauss parameter and the alpha value? I still don’t understand, because generally, this method uses alpha values, such as alpha=2.5, 3.5, etc. Thank you.


I know of a Gaussian parameter which defines the width of a Gaussian low pass filter in frequency domain. Probably there is more than one definition for Gaussian parameter and alpha. Do you refer to a specific implementation or formula?

yes, I mean if I input gauss = 0.5, what is the value in alpha? The point is how to convert the gauss value into alpha value, sir. Thank you.

I have no clue. Where do you input gauss? What is the definition of alpha?

I input the gauss on water level deconvolution.

Alpha is the width factor for the Gaussian filter. So, the alpha will affect the frequency content.
This is the formula of Gaussian filter:

G(ω)=exp⁡((-ω^2)/(4 a^2 )), with a is alpha

Thanks for the explanation.

In the docs the parameter is described with

gauss – Gauss parameter (standard deviation) of the Gaussian Low-pass filter, corresponds to cut-off frequency in Hz for a response value of exp(0.5)=0.607.

(Actually a minus is missing, it should be exp(-0.5)=0.607)

The frequency response is given by

exp(-0.5 * (f/f0) ** 2)

with f0 being the gauss parameter.

With ω = 2πf follows
f0 = √2 a / (2π) = 0.225 a

Wow, that’s very clear. Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it.