FW: Plotting actual time on spectrgram x-axis

Dear Users,

I’ve been plotting spectrograms with ObsPy and am having difficulty getting the trace time to plot on the -axis. I’ve been using the following script and it plots the figure shown after it:

import obspy

from obspy import read

import obspy.io.css

import os

import sys

import scipy as sc

import numpy as np

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import pandas as pd

import matplotlib.dates as mdates

import matplotlib as mlab

#import matplotlib.dates as md

import datetime as dt

from obspy.imaging.spectrogram import spectrogram

my_data = (“http://examples.obspy.org/RJOB_061005_072159.ehz.new”)

st = read(my_data)

for tr in st:

fig = plt.figure()

Get timestamp info from trace object

te = tr.stats.starttime.timestamp

te2 = tr.stats.endtime.timestamp

x_lims = list(map(dt.datetime.utcfromtimestamp, [te, te2]))

x_lims = mdates.date2num(x_lims)

y_lims = [0,100]

#spectrogram(tr.data, tr.stats.sampling_rate, wlen=1., dbscale=True,log=False, cmap=‘jet’,title=str(tr.stats.starttime), show=False)

spectrogram(tr.data, tr.stats.sampling_rate, wlen=1., axes=ax, dbscale=True,log=False, cmap=‘jet’,title=str(tr.stats.station) +" " +str(tr.stats.starttime))

plt.title(str(tr.stats.station) +" " +str(tr.stats.starttime))

ax.set_ylim(0,tr.stats.sampling_rate / 2)

fmtr = mdates.DateFormatter("%H:%M:%S")




ax = fig.gca()



ax = plt.gca()



How do I get it to plot the spectrogram as well?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!

Chip Brogan