First ObsPy sprint and new module obspy.segy

Dear ObsPy users,

(1) First ObsPy sprint
This weekend our first ObsPy sprint will happen in Munich. A sprint is
basically a short, but intensive, coffee-rich developer meeting focusing
on specific tasks that are too complicated to discuss in passing.
For quite some time we wanted to have a set of classes (similar to
Trace/Stream for waveform data) to handle everything around seismic
events (event, pick, catalog...).
We hope to make good progress on the way to a useful concept for a
unified data interface for seismic events within ObsPy.
Also we want to integrate the web services from IRIS and ORFEUS(EMSC) in
order to fetch events directly from the data centers.

We encourage everybody to post any ideas or comments concerning these
upcoming developments either to one of the core developers or directly
to the list.

(2) Module obspy.segy
Lion created our newest addition to the ObsPy library:
obspy.segy - a module able to read and write SEGY and SU files. Feel
free to use or test it, and we would be very happy about any bug
reports, further test files and your comments about it.

Best regards,
Robert & Tobias
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